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Cornerstone Nulled is a 100% front-end WordPress plugin from Codecanyon for page building that will change the way you create pages. Gone are the days of having to click back and forth between a clunky admin panel and your site. Now you can see all of your work as you build the page, bringing fun back into the creative process.

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Developers spent just about as much time preparing to develop Cornerstone Free Download as we did developing the tool itself with much of that time being devoted to testing and working with dozens of potential interfaces to find the best possible experience for customers.

The code keep lean with a focus on extensibility and customizability. With the click of a button, Skeleton Mode allows you to visually see the structure of your entire page without leaving the front-end interface. Move elements around, configure them, and more. You’ll wonder how you ever built pages without it.

Multiple options for editing text and the content on your page make working in Cornerstone an enjoyable and productive endeavor. Use the standard text input or with the click of a button go fullscreen for an even larger canvas.

While the majority of customers use Cornerstone Nulled to build beautiful sales pages, pricing pages, lead pages, and more – this is WordPress after all! Cornerstone can add the same magic to your post creation process if you’d like it to. Main features:

100% frontend. Gone are the days of having to work on the backend of your site builder only to have to guess how it looks on the frontend. With Cornerstone GPL , all edits you make are happening while you view your exact site as it looks on the frontend!

Clutter-free workspace. Most page builders overwhelm you with options, buttons, and controls. Not so with Cornerstone Nulled. Every pixel was thoroughly laid out to create a simple two-sided interface: the work area and the preview area.

Text editing on-the-fly. This powerful feature allows you to quickly edit text on the fly without having to fiddle with the backend.

Live code editing. All the power of a professional code editor in the convenience of your browser! For the coding jedi amongst us, it comes packed with incredible features such as key bindings based on the ever popular Sublime Text, allowing you to take advantage of super cool tricks like multiple cursors to improve your speed and efficiency!

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