Divi Machine (Clean) Nulled v1.1 Free Download

Divi Machine (Clean) Nulled Free Download

Divi Machine (Clean) Nulled is a third-party plugin for Divi that adds lots of custom post type features to Divi. It uses Advanced Custom Fields and adds lots of new modules to the Divi Builder to create new layouts for your custom post types. It even adds features that ACF doesn’t normally have. In this article, we’ll look at Divi Machine and see what it can do to help you decide if it’s the right plugin for your needs.

Free Download

Once you’ve created the post type in Divi Machine (Clean) Nulled, create the field group for the post type with Advanced Custom Fields. In the WordPress dashboard, go to Custom Fields and click Add New.

Now when I add a new house using the Houses post type, all of the fields are available. Once you create the posts, you can display them with Divi Machine (Clean) Free Download modules.

Some of the settings will take some knowledge of custom post types and loops to understand. Beginners might get frustrated at first, but the supplied layouts help a lot. Let’s look at a few example pages made with the Divi Machine (Clean) Nulled modules.

The All Houses layout was designed for the Theme Builder. It makes use of blurbs, text, divider, contact form, and lots of Divi Machine (Clean) GPL modules.

Divi Machine (Clean) Nulled has several AJAX features that allow users to update information on the page without having to reload the page. This is great for searches and filters.

One of the most interesting AJAX features is the filter. Select what you want from the dropdown boxes and the results appear without reloading the page. The filter is fast. This only works for content created by Divi Machine (Clean) Free Download.

That’s our look at Divi Machine (Clean) Nulled. This plugin adds lots of features to both Advanced Custom Fields and Divi. Custom post types can be a little difficult for new users, but this plugin is as easy, or easier, to use as any custom post type plugin I’ve used with Divi.

The videos are a tremendous help in setting up the post types and the layouts are a great starting point when designing your post type pages with Divi. If you’re interested in using custom post types with Divi, Divi Machine (Clean) Nulled is an easy choice.

Free Download

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