FluentCRM Pro Nulled v.2.6.52 Free Download

FluentCRM Pro Nulled Free Download

FluentCRM Pro Nulled is the best and complete feature-rich Email Marketing & CRM solution. It is also the simplest and fastest CRM and Marketing Plugin on WordPress. Manage your customer relationships, build your email lists, send email campaigns, build funnels, and make more profit and increase your conversion rates. (Yes, It’s Free!)

Want to run email campaigns or email newsletter for your leads or customers? FluentCRM Pro Free Download is the perfect solution for your email newsletter and email campaigns. Just import a csv or WordPress Users and you ready to go. Segment your contacts and send emails whenever you want.

With FluentCRM Pro GPL , send email campaigns to targeted audiences, send sequential emails, onboard your new customers even automate your full email marketing with powerful automation visual automation builder.
After sending each email campaign, you can analyze the open rate, click rate, revenue earned from that specific campaign. You can also check data matrix like who open the emails and who clicked and based on that, you can do more actions and segment your customers further.

FluentCRM Pro Nulled will help you to collect leads, automate emails, display subscription forms, send email newsletters all inside WordPress. FluentCRM is a 100% self-hosted WordPress Plugin to send Newsletter, marketing campaign, newsletter broadcasts. After sending Email Newsletter, you can track how many emails were opened and clicked also which links were clicked and who clicked your links. You will get total analytics from your email newsletter campaign. Try FluentCRM for sending your Email Newsletter and increase your conversion rate.

FluentCRM Pro Nulled is a self-hosted WordPress plugin. You own your data, and no external SAAS connection is required to run your CRM system with FluentCRM. You can enable a consent checkbox as well as use double-optin. If you already have customers or users in WordPress, then maybe it’s already consented, so no separate double opt-in is required.

If you use ThriveCart then you easily integrate your ThriveCart store with FluentCRM Pro Free Download . You can import your ThriveCart customers and automatically add, segment send sequential emails on ThriveCart activity like product sales, product refund, subscription cancelled etc.
This is a free integration, and you can make ThriveCart more powerful.

FluentCRM Pro Nulled is built by professional WordPress developers who are working in the WordPress eco-system for more than 10 years. FluentCRM is developed by the same authors of Ninja Tables and FluentForms (The fastest and Modern Form Builder Plugin). We started this project in mid-2019 and after 1 year of development, we released the first version by doing a month-long private beta testing and using this plugin on our own website for the last 6 months. We also made sure Here are some reviews from early adopters.

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