LISTABLE 1.10.1 – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme


Listable is a listing directory WordPress theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. Feel free to set your own goal and get your favorite spots listed online!
This is what LISTABLE is all about: offering the right thing, in the right place, right when you need it!down-button
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Discover how LISTABLE is the perfect solution for your directory website:

  • Simple on the surface Powerful under the hood
    Listable is simple and easy-to-use on the surface but its powerful listing cards system have everything you need to put your plan into action. Consider that each listing can be anything from a place or event to an activity (including services). Beautifully!
  • Designed to Adapt To Your Specific Needs
    Listable will never overwhelm you with features you won’t use. For more functionality Listable providing FREE plugins that you can install. It’s a way to offer more without cluttering things for everyone.
  • Make Money Out of Your Site
    Go further and make money from your website! You can charge for a listing submission or take a fee from a reservation or a service offered through your website.
    Thanks to the famous WooCommerce support and seamless integration of their extensions, there are countless ways of monetization.
  • Sell Listings Packages
    Get paid for letting people submit their listing! You can sell custom packages which allows to create multiple or featured listings.
    WC Paid Listings (premium plugin)
  • Sell Subscription Based Packages
    You can go even further and ask a monthly fee for the listing packages mentioned above.
    WooCommerce Subscriptions (premium plugin)
    Due to the WooCommerce extensions you could charge for many other things like making a reservation or allow vendors to sell through your website and earn commissions and so on.
    *Note that the theme doesn’t come bundled with any of those plugins.
  • Usability Tests For a Greater Experience
    By doing usability studies authors gained qualitative feedback and valuable insights. This helped them iterate and polish the design, to make sure that the users will have a great experience on your website.
  • Personalize to Match Your Style
    Choose one of the beautifully designed Style Presets or create your own style by changing the fonts or colors, and everything will be reflected live back to you, allowing for better and faster decisions.
    Personalize your site appearance and functionality without any coding skills or developer needed.
  • Easy Layout Control
    Fully Widgetized Front Page & Single Listing
    Switch or add any element from the sidebar and content of the single listings page layout. Do you want the Map above the Content? Just Drag & Drop and the map will automatically adapt to the new layout.
    Customize your Front Page and Listings Layout with a live Drag & Drop interface.
  • Advanced Filtering System
    FacetWP (Premium Plugin)
    Drag & Drop Interface to make the setup easier, authors have creating a custom interface for managing facets.
    If you’re looking for an advanced filtering and search system for your listings, look no further as there are the solution. Theme’s authors partnered with Matt Gibbs, author of the FacetWP plugin (sold separately), to offer a seamless integration with Listable.
  • Need More Flexibility in Visually Creating your Pages Layout?
    Drag & Drop Page Builders

    • Visual Composer
    • MotoPress
    • BeaverBuilder
    • SiteOrigin

    Find out which one suit your needs better.

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