Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets Nulled v1.3.6 Download

Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets Nulled Free Download

Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets Nulled is your go-to plugin to display stock information on your website. With over thousands of stocks to choose from, and a myriad of customizable designs, you have ample opportunities to add unique, creative and professional looking widgets to your website.

Free Download

Upon purchasing Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets Nulled, you will get a code to activate it.

The Key Aspects

  • Assorted Widgets: Massive Stock Widgets has an array of 11 widgets ranging from Ticker to News. Each of these widgets are unique and offer a number of options which let you customize them.
  • Market Information: Lets you show market information about the price of a stock or a commodity.
  • Massive Collection of Stocks: Innumerable stocks from major as well as minor exchanges all over the world, including popular exchanges such as NASDAQ, NYSE, SSE, JSE, NSE, LSE, etc.
  • Fully Customizable: Massive Stock Widgets provide a suite of design options to customize your widget.
  • Link to Stock Pages: This is a feature that lets you link the stock to its specific page. For example, if you’ve chosen to display AAPL (Apple Inc.) on NASDAQ, then linking to the asset page will essentially link the widget to the AAPL stock page on NASDAQ.
  • Glossy Effects: The Glossy option, when enabled, adds a glossy tint to your widget. This is super effective when used with the right combination of background and themes.

Unique Widgets

Ticker: The ticker is a stripe or a marquee element that can be placed at the top, bottom or anywhere else on your webpage. It displays the statistics of the chosen stock(s). The speed, position and the direction of the information scrolling on the ticker can be adjusted using the Ticket Speed, Ticker Position, and Ticker Direction options. There are eight themes in ticker which includes a cool LED theme. The widget can be customized to show the 24-hour change, the % change and the price action chart of the stock. The user can also customize the text color, widget background, chart color, outline, fill and the fill gradient as they fancy. Other handy options include Round Corners, Glossy, and Link to stock pages, on the respective exchange. The wide range of stocks let you compare the price of the same stock in two different exchanges (E.g.: NASDAQ, Santiago Stock Exchange, etc) at the same time.

Table: The table widget allows you to show information about multiple stocks in the form of a table. It offers numerous options to display the information about a stock. A few of these are the symbol, price, company, the 24-hour chart, opening price, closing price, the 24h high and low, 24h change, % change, volume, market capitalization, 52-week high, 52-week low, dividend yield, dividend rate, shares, etc. The table can adapt to the size of different devices as it is fully responsive. There is also a toggle option to determine where you want the table to be responsive or not. There are two themes, light and dark and you can customize the outline, fill and the fill gradient of the stocks price action chart.

Shortcodes are a convenience way to add widgets to your posts. They are unique to each widget. For example, if you select the Ticker widget, then you can see ashortcode exclusive to the ticker Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets Nulled on the shortcode panel to the right side of the Edit Widget page. Copy this code.

Now, in WordPress Gutenberg editor, whenever you add a new post, click the + button and then choose the [/] Shortcode option. Paste the shortcode in thegiven field. The widget will be added and you can view it once you publish your post.

Free Download

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