Rental Products Nulled v4.0.3 [by 99w] Free Download

Rental Products Nulled by 99w Free Download

Sell Rental Products Nulled in your store, manage rental orders and more.Looking to sell rentals in your store? This extension has all the features you need to create “rental only” or “rental or purchase” products. With a huge amount of product options for pricing, availability, deposits, calendar, information, add-ons, etc you’ll be sure to be able to configure your rentals exactly as required.

Once you have created rental products your customers can select rental dates from an easy to use calendar on the product page, see a total cost calculation and add to cart. The extension also includes several rental management features including an overview calendar of all Rental Products Free Download, inventory totals and plenty of order management tools to process orders, mark rentals as returned, etc.

Read on to find out why you should use Rental Products GPL and the great features included…

Rental Products Nulled show an easy to use calendar where customers can pick their rental dates, it works great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Rental Products Nulled only products can only be rented, rental or purchase products are normal purchasable products but also allow the customer to rent the product.

Rental Products Free Donwload information is added to customer order emails, there is also a rental return reminder that emails the customer when their order is due to be returned.

Rental Products Nulled information such as rent from/to and return day thresholds are displayed in the cart, checkout and in my account pages such as order history.Trisha manages a WooCommerce store selling baby clothes, through selling baby clothes she knows which products are the most popular and decided to purchase several sets of these to make available for rent.

With Rental Products Nulled she can setup a range of rental products and define pricing and availability. Customers can visit her store, view rental products, select required dates and add to cart. Once ordered the customer gets an email showing each product, rental dates and any return days thresholds. Customer also receive an email reminder to return the products. Trisha can view a calendar overview of past, present and upcoming rentals, review the current rental inventory via the rentals dashboard and lots more.

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