Save & Share Cart For WooCommerce Nulled v.1.0.7 [by HighAddons] Free Download

Save & Share Cart For WooCommerce Nulled by HighAddons Free Download

Save & Share Cart For WooCommerce Nulled allows users to Save, Share or replace thier carts. In this way, your sales and promotions will enhance, whereas; the user can also retrieve it later. Users can restore the cart at any time and at any point. Customers don’t need to remove products from the carts so they can save them for later use. The extension allows both logged-in and guest users to save carts with one-click.

Free Download

Save & Share Cart For WooCommerce Nulled is Light, super fast and friendly to work with simple and variable products. Customers improve the shopping experience by using a save and share cart. The extension allows you to save products in bulk and retrieve it any time by the user or someone else.

Users can share carts through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Messenger, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Skype, Print, Copy link, and Save & Share Cart For WooCommerce Nulled option.  You can share a shopping cart with friends where they receive a link via social media or an email. They receive the same copy of your shopping cart.

Facilitate your customers to save cart & retrieve it later. This reduces the cart abandonment rate & improves sales. The customers will have an option to save cart & retrieve it later for checkout. It also helps B2B users to print the cart or send it in email. Sharing cart via a unique link on social media will increase traffic. It can also help promote your brand by sharing unique pre-created cart links in promotion mails.

When a customer creates a cart, it can be retrieved, checkout or pay by himself, or someone else. It helps users get support from friends or family members to pay cart at any time. However, when you click on the Save cart button a popup screen will appear. The popup shows two buttons save the cart and continue. When you click on continue it proceed you to the social media icons popup.

Save & Share Cart For WooCommerce Nulled is fully customizable where you change popup background color, popup header & footer color, and icon color.  You can change the color that suits your brand and website. Save and share cart is very light weight and super fast. It is friendly for customers; they can create cart anytime & save for later use, then proceed shopping without losing the saved cart to retrieve it later.

Free Download

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