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Beautium | Beauty Salon & Eyelashes Studio WordPress Theme

Beautium | Beauty Salon & Eyelashes Studio Salon WordPress Theme

Do you want to build a new website in the beauty salon, cosmetology, nails, eyelashes, sugaring, epilation, eyebrows, beauty shop and cosmetic store? Then you should think about using the Beautium WordPress theme available on ThemeForest. This is one of the newest WordPress themes available out there as of now for you to create a perfect website in the beauty niche. Whether you are trying to build the website of a beauty salon or a beauty store, Beautium would be a great overall option available out there to consider. On top of that, it will help you to design a website with related to cosmetology, nails, eyelashes, sugaring, epilation, and eyebrows.

What makes Beautium theme a better option?

When it comes to themes available in the beauty niche, Beautium is holding a prominent place. There are few factors that help this WordPress theme to stand above the rest. Let’s take a look at the most prominent reasons out of them. Then you can keep peace of mind and continue to use Beautium for the development of any website related to the beauty industry.

Modern design with six home pages

The very first thing you will notice about Beautium WordPress theme is its modern design. When you are developing a website as of now, you need to make sure that it has a modern design. That’s because having an outdated design will not assist you to attract anyone towards the website. There is a total of six home pages offered with the Beautium theme. You have the freedom to browse through these home pages and pick the best one. No matter what home page you select, you will enjoy the modern design that comes along with it. It will make sure that your website is not out of place.

WooCommerce integrations

If you want to have your own beauty shop online, Beautium would be a great theme to consider. That’s because the WordPress theme comes along with WooCommerce integration capabilities. You will be able to install the WooCommerce plugin and upload all your pictures. On top of that, you will be getting all other facilities needed to keep an online store up and running on the internet as well.

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