v2.9.0 YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Premium Nulled [Free Download]

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Premium Nulled Free Download

With YITH WooCommerce Affiliate Nulled you can save on the advertising costs (where you are supposed to pay per click even if no sales are generated) and quickly launch an affiliate program in your shop: with just one plugin you get leads, traffic and sales through targeted partnerships with influencers and bloggers that embody your typical customer.

Create a registration page with a form that you can customize as you wish

Choose what information you need from the user who wishes to join your affiliate program and create your custom registration form. Name, email, URLs of their blog or social profiles, a brief biography etc. All you need to decide is whether to approve the application or reject it. Use the shortcode to add the form on any page of your shop. Quick and easy.

Monitor and manage all your affiliates from a dedicated table

From the Affiliates table, you can manually add new affiliates (choose between registered users or add a new one through the modal window) and also approve or reject the affiliate applications that come through the registration form in your shop. The table will give you a quick overview of the commissions, earnings, and conversion rates of all the affiliates and it will allow you to access a specific affiliate detail page.

Monitor every detail of your affiliate users

From the Affiliates table Nulled, you can access every affiliate detail page. On this page, you can find personal information (like website, registration date, referral URL, etc.) and the details of the generated commissions and payments made. You will be able to override the global % commission and set up a custom one, ban affiliates, and much more.

Set a default commission and add rules to configure different amounts per user, user role or product

Set a global commission that will apply to all affiliates by default. You can override this value for specific affiliates and create custom rules to configure different commissions based on the promoted product or their specific user role. In this way, you can set, for example, a global 20% rate for all products and a higher or lower rate for one specific product only.

Let your affiliates monitor their profile, clicks and generated commissions from a dedicated dashboard

Choose whether to let affiliates access the affiliate dashboard through an endpoint available in My Account after they log in or in a custom page through the built-in shortcode. From the dashboard, affiliates will be able to get a broad overview of the leads (visits, clicks, etc.) and the generated commissions. They will be able to monitor their own credit and ask for the payment of the commissions (if the admin has enabled the related option), find their referral link and create new ones, edit their personal details (billing address, PayPal email to receive the payment, etc.) and much more with YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Premium Free Download.

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