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Woo Sell Services Nulled WBCOM Designs Free Download

Woo Sell Services Nulled assists you in running your freelance or service marketplace business easily. You can create and sell services online Nulled, send proposals, negotiate deals, track service status, communicate with your clients, everything in a single spot. Powered by WooCommerce and WordPress.

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Save time and money with WooCommerce to Sell online services. Run your freelance business or build a multi-vendor service marketplace. A new WooCommerce product type services are easy to create and provide a complete order management system. Improve your productivity, with all the features and gain your customer’s trust.

Manage your projects like a pro,
without wasting time on worksheets and formalities.

No one wants to waste time searching for information they already have, therefore our system lets you connect customer and project information to your work. It takes care of the tedious task of project management for you and provides all the information you need on the Order Detail page.
A vendor can create a service just like a digital product is created from the backend. Woo Sell Services Free Download simply adds a new Service tab on the product page which once selected allows a vendor to add his service.

Woo Sell Services Nulled also allows a vendor to easily manage all his orders via a services management feature provided by the plugin itself. This plugin adds a Services tab under My-account for the vendor to easily manage all his sold services.

Both the vendor and customer can communicate with each other to resolve queries regarding the services sold. A vendor can simply ask what he wants from his respective client in real-time using this conversation box.

Woo Sell Services GPL also allows the vendor to give final delivery of service by providing him with a final delivery checkbox. Once checked, the delivery will be final and will go to the customer for approval. The vendor can also attach a file that is required to be downloaded by the customer.

Getting feedback from his customer is very important for a seller. Woo Sell Services allows the vendor to receive ratings from his customer after the final Delivery. This rating will be synced to the woo review.

Your Problems, Our Solutions Project Management is Complex, But Here! We make it Easier

Service As a Product

Woo Sell Services Nulled allows vendors to sell services just like a product is sold. This plugin creates a new product type called “Services” to sell services which allows vendors to create a service from the product page itself.

Service Requirements

This plugin allows vendors to add service-related requirements or questions that he wants to be answered by the customer.Customer will be shown questions after purchase which once answered will start the order.

Order Email Notification

Once an order is placed, a vendor will receive a real-time email notification for the trigger. Similarly, both customer and vendor will receive an email notification after each step of the order has been completed.

Vendor-Customer Chat Section

Woo Sell Services Nulled offers a dedicated conversation channel that allows the vendor and customer to easily communicate with each other once the order has started. This ensures that all the doubts related to the service have been cleared.

Order Management Section

A customer and vendor both can easily manage their services via an order management feature provided by the plugin itself. This plugin adds an order management section for both customers and vendor from where both can manage their orders effectively.

Service Reviews and Ratings

A vendor and customer can also rate and review each other once the final delivery has been made. A customer gives reviews for vendor once he is satisfied with the service and the vendor can also provide his review for the respective customer.

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