WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled v4.10 Free Download

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled Free Download

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled is designed to help you pick up fraudulent transactions and catch them as they happen – by scanning and providing a score for each completed transaction made via your online store, based on a set of advanced scoring rules.

Free Download

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled automatically assigns a score out of 100 to each order. This is called the risk score. The higher the number, the more likely the order is to be fraudulent. Examining the risk score allows you to quickly evaluate the potential risk level of the transaction and act accordingly. A risk score and advice, given for an order via the WooCommerce admin.

If a potentially fraudulent transaction is detected, the WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Free Download can be configured to perform one or more of the following automated actions:

  • Cancel the order
  • Hold the order
  • Notify the administrator via email, without changing the order status

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled works out of the box – with no additional rule configuration required. We have defined a collection of default rules, by which the system scores each transaction. These pre-configured rules will be suitable for most online stores. However, the rules can be customised via the plugin’s settings to place higher or lower importance on specific factors.

Our WooCommerce Anti-Fraud GPL plugin lets you assign a ‘risk weight’ to each risk factor. This means that you can decide how important each risk is. The higher the risk weight for each category, the higher the risk score will be when the risk is detected.

With the WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled plugin, you can detect which order is sent using a proxy server. Many illegitimate activities online are performed using proxies, this indicator is of key consideration for online sellers.

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled plugin’s Billing and shipping address conflict feature can help you reduce the payment frauds. You will be notified about the conflict on your order page whenever Anti-fraud plugin finds the conflict of this kind.

Free Download

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