WooCommerce PayTrace Gateway Nulled v.2.7.4 [VanboDevelops] Free Download

WooCommerce PayTrace Gateway Nulled VanboDevelops Free Download

WooCommerce PayTrace Gateway Nulled was founded in 2004 and is an industry leader in providing a safe and easy-to-use payment processing services.

Free Download

With more than 24,000 users, PayTrace is dedicated to providing merchants with excellent customer service, increasing security and reducing costs. PayTrace cam process payments in US dollars made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB credit cards.

WooCommerce PayTrace Gateway Nulled extension implements the direct transaction method. The user will never leave your site, the payment will be processed directly from your checkout page and an appropriate response, depending on the transaction outcome, will be presented to the customer.

This integration plugin provides an easy and seamless connection between your WooCommerce store and the PayTrace credit card processing services. All you need to get started will be a PayTrace username and password, that’s it.

There is more, every time your customers pay you they will be able to securely save their credit card info on the PayTrace servers.

You can now enable client-side encryption support for enhanced security while processing card payments. The Client-Side Encryption feature of the WooCommerce PayTrace Gateway Nulled JSON API securely encrypts sensitive credit card data in the customer’s web-browser by using a JavaScript library provided by PayTrace.

The sensitive credit card information is encrypted before the web form is submitted to your server. This allows your system to transmit the sensitive credit card data to PayTrace encrypted, which can only be decrypted by PayTrace, removing your system from having access to unencrypted credit card data and reducing your PCI Scope.

The WooCommerce PayTrace Gateway Nulled plugin makes accepting eCheck/ACH payments easy, just enable them for your Paytrace account and check the plugin setting to visualize the ACH form.

Free Download

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